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Consulting & Hosting Services

Are you looking for a member directory, a task management system, a bug database, or your own custom web application?

We provide affordable Web applications to small and medium businesses. Using our tools and development process, we will work with you to build the web site you need, and the web administration tools to manage it. We will also be there for maintenance or enhancements when you need it.

All of our Web applications use Evolutility generic user interface web control for ASP.net, and Microsoft SQLServer. This enables us to provide faster and better web applications with an unequaled level of customizability.

We will build your site with you following our proven development process:

  1. You provide the specifications.
  2. We build a hosted prototype.
  3. You test the prototype (simply accessing it from your web browser).
  4. We modify the prototype based on your feedback.
  5. You evaluate the modified protype, including the online administration.
  6. You populate the database.
  7. We fine-tune your application.
  8. Your web application is ready to use.

We can host and maintain your application for you using 1&1 servers, or give you everything you need (files and database script) to host it yourself. 

For more specific information, please email info@evolutility.com.